UCS vaccine tracking system receives Best Business Process Award

UCS officially launched the full version of the Vaccine Information and Logistics System (VIALS) in January 2011 in conjunction with the U.S. Navy’s 2011-2012 influenza vaccine program. Part of the Naval Medical Logistics Command’s (NMLC) Enterprise Business Environment (NEBE), VIALS is a web application designed and developed by UCS. VIALS provides Naval hospitals and the fleet with real-time information on seasonal flu vaccines and future vaccine programs, and includes customer ordering functionality, shipment data, categorization of shipment priority, receipt confirmation, and other information and reporting tools. VIALS is a key business process improvement facilitator for the Navy, allowing NMLC to efficiently manage the Navy’s flu vaccine program.

VIALS has received acclaim in several publications including Navy Medicine Support Command’s monthly magazine The Insider, Fort Detrick’s The Standard newspaper, and the U.S. Navy’s official website, navy.mil. Recently, at the 2011 Navy Medicine Resources, Logistics, and Analytics Training Symposium, VIALS received the Best Business Process Award. The UCS project team was recognized for their work by Vice Admiral Adam Robinson Jr., Surgeon General of the Navy and Chief of the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED).