UCS awarded clinical engineering contract at the Naval Medical Logistics Command

By pioneering the Navy’s efforts to provide our troops with the best medical equipment and logistics support available, the Naval Medical Logistics Command (NMLC) protects our soldiers’ health and safety so they can continue to defend our nation’s interests at home and abroad. Sophisticated and complex, advanced medical technology offers healthcare providers unprecedented opportunities to care for their patients; to effectively harness the power of these resources, our partners at NMLC rely on clinical engineers to identify, procure, maintain, and improve vital medical technologies.

UCS is honored to continue providing NMLC with the best and the brightest in clinical engineering support. Our team of clinical engineers is helping NMLC redefine medical logistics by enhancing equipment quality and availability despite the tightening of budget constraints. By assisting with the design, execution, and administration of cutting-edge solutions that meet medical materiel and healthcare needs, our team is proud to continue supporting NMLC as it empowers the Navy to maintain constant readiness around the world.