UCS a Three-Star Sponsor of the Fort Detrick Alliance

Since our founding, UCS has been proud to support the DoD at Fort Detrick, Maryland. As our company has grown and developed over the last twelve years, so have our relationships with multiple U.S. Army and U.S. Navy agencies at Ft. Detrick. Thanks to the responsiveness of our consultants and their commitment to our customers’ missions, the UCS name has come to personify quality, dedication, agility, and mutual respect.

As a demonstration of our commitment to our Ft. Detrick partners, UCS became a three-star sponsor of the Ft. Detrick Alliance, a 501c(4) organization seeking to facilitate communication and understanding between Federal agencies at Ft. Detrick and the community. In addition, Mr. Gilroy Gotiangco, UCS’s Director of Informatics & IT Solutions, recently was appointed to the Board of Directors. Along with the rest of the Board, Mr. Gotiangco will work to build relationships between Ft. Detrick and individuals; businesses; civic, social, and educational organizations; and local and state Government entities.

By supporting the Ft. Detrick Alliance, UCS is proud to continue promoting the important cancer research, biological research and vaccine development, medical protection for our Armed Forces, and global communications work undertaken by our clients at Ft. Detrick.