UCS awarded contract to provide DIACAP and Information Assurance training

UCS is committed to supporting our clients in successfully navigating increasingly complex DoD Information Assurance (IA) processes, requirements, and certifications. While UCS currently provides several DoD agencies with operational and enterprise-level IA and Certification & Accreditation (C&A) support, UCS recently expanded its IA and DoD IA Certification (DIACAP) consultation services to the commercial world.

This month UCS delivered a three-day DIACAP training to Philips, a commercial IT and medical device corporation; over 10 representatives from Philips met with a UCS trainer to learn about the challenges involved with DoD IA, to master the nuances of the DIACAP process, and to position themselves effectively to engage DoD clients both now and in the future. UCS also offered insight as a liaison to Philips’ Government clients, and will continue to monitor progress and address challenges as needed. UCS looks forward to continuing our IA, C&A, and DIACAP consultation support to both commercial and federal clients!