UCS awarded Task Order to provide Executive Administrative Support for the Wounded, Ill, and Injured Program

The Navy Bureau of Medicine & Surgery (BUMED), Wounded, Ill, and Injured (WII) program offers the critical research and resources essential to many Sailors, Marines, and their families seeking to develop and sustain healthy behaviors after injury or illness; with a range of support that addresses everything from traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to fitness, nutrition, stress management, and tobacco cessation, the WII program plays an indispensable role in facilitating holistic recovery for our nation’s warfighters and their families.

Part of UCS’s mission is to help our customers improve healthcare delivery by providing innovative and efficient program management support that fosters integrated healthcare delivery for the men, women, and families that serve and have served in the armed forces. UCS has supported BUMED in this mission since September 2007; currently, approximately 25% of our total staff assists BUMED on healthcare-related efforts. We are pleased to continue providing executive administrative support at the BUMED WII program office, so BUMED can focus less on managerial tasks and more on caring for our soldiers and their families. As a part of this contract, UCS will provide BUMED with administrative and organizational support; meeting, appointment, and travel coordination; communication support between BUMED and other Federal Agencies; maintaining documentation; and other tasks, as needed.