Team UCS awarded four Task Orders with the Department of Justice

Along with unprecedented information access, ease of business, and enhanced user experience, the advances in IT resources herald in new opportunities for potential enemies to infiltrate Department of Justice (DoJ) networks. As quickly as IT capabilities evolve in their sophistication, so too do the abilities of our nation’s adversaries; the rapidly shifting face of IT and cybersecurity threats precipitates the need for an increasingly proactive, multifaceted, and comprehensive response from the DoJ. To achieve this mission, Team UCS will provide the IT support it needs to continue defending our national security.

Specifically, Team UCS was recently awarded the privilege of providing vulnerability management and compliance support services, enterprise operations services, email support services, and storage management support services. By combining new technologies with industry best practices and dedicated people, our Team is helping the DoJ meet the IT and cybersecurity challenges of today, while keeping an eye on the opportunities of tomorrow.