UCS awarded contract with the Department of Justice

With 100,000s of users around the world, the Department of Justice (DoJ) oversees the account management and communications infrastructure that empowers agencies around the world to solve many of our nation’s biggest security challenges. To help achieve this mission, the DoJ has recently selected UCS’s team of experts to provide messaging, identity, and directory services at their headquarters in Washington, DC.

In the words of Mr. Erik Necciai, the UCS Director and Program Manager for the project, “UCS is extremely honored to continue its services at the DoJ. Our Team will be providing 24×7 support to an agency and mission that never sleeps.” Mr. Sachin Chandra, UCS’s Vice President of Technology and Business Solutions, agreed: “This win enhances UCS capabilities with IT operations around communication and messaging.” We are proud to continue defending the IT infrastructure of the organization that tirelessly protects our national security.