Our Mission

Launched in 2000 by a couple with a vision, UCS has evolved into a robust health and IT service provider armed with a solid reputation for quality and core capabilities aligned with the Government’s requirements.

Since our founding, we have prided ourselves on employing smart people who give their best to the customers we serve by creating smart solutions that save the Government time, money, and stress. The industry has recognized our services by awarding us with CMMI Level 3, ISO 9001, ISO 20000, and ISO 27001 certifications – all of which underscore the quality, ingenuity, and reliability of both our services and our people.

In that vein, our goal is to deliver innovative solutions that enable our Government clients to transform their missions into reality.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a top brand name for federal consulting services that’s known for our people-driven culture, innovative perspective, and results-oriented mindset.

We will:

  • Be an agent of change for our customers by combining forward-thinking technology with practical problem solving, ultimately creating a distinct, lasting improvement in our customers’ performance.
  • Empower our employees to develop their unique strengths, build strong teams, and make a tangible impact on the direction of both the company and our customers.
  • Develop a brand that continues to catapult our company to the top of our industry, achieved through winning large, complex opportunities.



Our Core Values

  • Be excellent

    We are a group of people who always give our best – to each other and to the customer. This is more than just being “smart” – it’s a flexibility and openness to change, constantly assessing and recalibrating to ensure we’re achieving our clients’ mission to the best of our ability. We emphasize the importance of being responsive to our clients and our teammates, rooted in a deep understanding that our goal is to help others achieve their goals.

    The foundation of our services is to discover ways for our teams and clients to improve the way they do things today, so they can better tackle the challenges of tomorrow. We commit to excellence in our work, our ethics, and our attitude.

  • Team first

    We are a group of dedicated professionals marked by a shared sense of collaboration, partnership, and purpose. We value other people’s opinions on the team, and we’re convinced that everyone has something valuable to contribute. We believe success comes when we put others – both customers and each other – ahead of ourselves for the sake of achieving our customers’ mission.

    We believe fostering connections with other people in the workplace is vital to team success. We’re committed to creating a workplace that’s made up of people who care about, support, and challenge each other, not just themselves. We want to create a team that works to bring out each other’s strengths – we believe in creating an environment where everyone has an opportunity to grow, contribute, and succeed.

    Everyone in the company is a role model. In every action, conversation, email, or meeting, we set an example for each other on how to live the UCS way.

  • Lead with passion

    Most of all, we are a group of people who believe that leadership means aspiring to continually challenge the status quo, never settling for today when we can strive for tomorrow. We gear every aspect of our services towards discovering ways that make our customers’ lives better. Founded in an abiding curiosity and desire to learn, we zealously strive to be a leader in providing the best resources and people to help our clients achieve their missions.

    For us, this leadership blends an attitude focused on modeling and inspiring excellence in our teammates with a persistent commitment to our customers. Leading with passion means connecting our drive for innovation with our dedication to the customer – so together, we can define the future of IT and healthcare.